Archie Miller Arena

Featuring a vintage feel and recently modernized dressing rooms, the Archie Miller Arena has become a bloved landmark for local hockey players and parents.

Location: 4715 – 57 Avenue 

Be sure to view the Arena schedule to learn more about the Servus Family Free Skating times and the other skating oppotunities. 

Centennial Civic Centre

Home to the Lloydminster Junior A Bobcats and Lloydminster Junior B Bandits, the Centennial Civic Centre Arena is a perfect choice for any booking; large or small, winter or summer!

Location: 5405-49 Avenue 

Be sure to view the Arena schedule to learn more about the Servus Family Free Skating times and the other skating oppotunities. 

Russ Robertson Arena

Built in 1976, the Russ Robertson Arena boasts availability for both winter and summer bookings. Perfect for your next hockey, lacrosse or ball hockey game, figure skating practice, auction, community garage sale or even a family reunion. Book the Russ Robertson Arena today!

Location: 5105- 34 Street 

Be sure to view the Arena schedule to learn more about the Servus Family Free Skating times and the other skating oppotunities. 

Servus Sports Centre

The Servus Sports Centre is home to two full sized ice rinks, the Rusway Construction Arena and Robert B. Holmes Arena, and one Leisure Ice surface.

Location: 5202-12 Street 

Be sure to view the Arena schedule to learn more about the Servus Family Free Skating times and the other skating oppotunities. 

The Servus Sports Centre offers skating lessons for all ages and experience levels. Private lessons are also available. For more information, you can also view the program guide. 

Husky Energy Speed Skating Oval

Enjoy Lloydminster's only speed skating oval. Located outside next to the Servus Sports Centre, the oval offers skaters a great place to practice and have fun. The rink on the inside of the oval offers shinny for our hockey loving visitors.

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